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  ----- File:        t1global.h
  ----- Author:      Rainer Menzner (Rainer.Menzner@web.de)
  ----- Date:        2001-04-01
  ----- Description: This file is part of the t1-library. It contains
                     global declarations used by the t1-library.
  ----- Copyright:   t1lib is copyrighted (c) Rainer Menzner, 1996-2001. 
                     As of version 0.5, t1lib is distributed under the
                 GNU General Public Library Lincense. The
                 conditions can be found in the files LICENSE and
                 LGPL, which should reside in the toplevel
                 directory of the distribution.  Please note that 
                 there are parts of t1lib that are subject to
                 other licenses:
                 The parseAFM-package is copyrighted by Adobe Systems
                 The type1 rasterizer is copyrighted by IBM and the
  ----- Warranties:  Of course, there's NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND :-)
  ----- Credits:     I want to thank IBM and the X11-consortium for making
                     their rasterizer freely available.
                 Also thanks to Piet Tutelaers for his ps2pk, from
                 which I took the rasterizer sources in a format
                 independent from X11.
                     Thanks to all people who make free software living!

#include "t1misc.h"

/* Following struct will allow all accesses to font data! */
  int t1lib_flags;    /* Global library flags */
  int no_fonts_ini;   /* The number of fonts initially declared in
                   Font database file. */
  int no_fonts;       /* The number of currently allocated fonts including
                   logical fonts produced by T1_CopyFont() */
  int no_fonts_limit; /* The maximum number of font for which is memory
                   currently available. */
  int bitmap_pad;     /* The value to which bitmap-scanlines are padded */
  int endian;         /* 1 if little endian representation and 0 otherwise */
  char **default_enc; /* The default encoding vector */
  FONTPRIVATE *pFontArray; /* Points to first element of font pointer array */
} FontBase;
struct FONTBASE *pFontBase=NULL;

/* Further we need a struct where to save device dependent data such as
   resolution. The values in this struct may be altered using
   T1_SetDeviceRes(x_res,y_res). Generally, the fontsize is to be specified
   in BigPoints ("bp")---this is the default PostScript unit. It is
typedef struct 
  float x_resolution;              /* Value must be specified in DPI */
  float y_resolution;              /* Value must be specified in DPI */
  float scale_x;                   /* horizontal scale-value to get a
                              matrix scaled to 1b */
  float scale_y;                   /* vertical scale-value to get a
                              matrix scaled to 1b */


struct stat filestats; /* A structure where fileinfo is stored */
char linebuf[BUF_SIZE];   /* A buffer for reading files line
                                   by line */
int T1_Up=0;     /* This one is for initialization-checking */

/* The width of AA-pixels */
int T1aa_bpp;

/* The follwoing variable allows the primary rastering functions
   to check for the caller */
int SetFuncRequestID=0;

/* The following variable allows to suppress rastering at 1000 bp
   for getting a correct bounding box for slanted characters -->
   should only internally be used */
int ForceAFMBBox=0;

extern struct XYspace *IDENTITY; 

int errornumber;  /* for debugging purposes */
/* The following pointers should be set to path-strings--used for locating
   type1, afm and encoding files */
char** T1_PFAB_ptr=NULL;
char** T1_AFM_ptr=NULL;
char** T1_ENC_ptr=NULL;
char** T1_FDB_ptr=NULL;

/* We use a uchar buffer for error and warning messages: */
char err_warn_msg_buf[1024];

/* file pointer for log-file */
FILE *t1lib_log_file=NULL;
int  t1lib_log_level=2;

/* The errno for t1lib */
int T1_errno=0;

/* A variable for saving stack info */
jmp_buf stck_state;

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