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#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <t1lib.h>  /* All needed declarations */

int main( void)

  GLYPH *glyph;
  int i;
  /* Set our environment to an existent config file directory */
  putenv( "T1LIB_CONFIG=./t1lib.config");

  /* Pad bitmaps to 16 bits, the default being 8 bits */
  T1_SetBitmapPad( 16);
  /* Initialize t1lib and return if error occurs. No logfile will be
     generated */
  if ((T1_InitLib(NO_LOGFILE)==NULL)){
    fprintf(stderr, "Initialization of t1lib failed\n");

  /* For every font in the database, generate a glyph for the string
     "Test" at 25 bp. Use Kerning. Then dump an ASCII representation
     of the glyph to stdout */
  for( i=0; i<T1_GetNoFonts(); i++){
    printf("FontID=%d, Font=%s\n", i, T1_GetFontFilePath(i));
    printf("FontID=%d, Metrics=%s\n", i, T1_GetAfmFilePath(i));
    glyph=T1_SetString( i, "Test", 0, 0, T1_KERNING, 25.0, NULL);
    T1_DumpGlyph( glyph);

  /* Close library and free all data */
  return( 0);

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