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  ----- File:        t1afmtool.h
  ----- Author:      Rainer Menzner (Rainer.Menzner@web.de)
  ----- Date:        2001-04-01
  ----- Description: This file is part of the t1-library. It contains
                     declarations and definitions for t1afmtool.c.
  ----- Copyright:   t1lib is copyrighted (c) Rainer Menzner, 1996-2001. 
                     As of version 0.5, t1lib is distributed under the
                 GNU General Public Library Lincense. The
                 conditions can be found in the files LICENSE and
                 LGPL, which should reside in the toplevel
                 directory of the distribution.  Please note that 
                 there are parts of t1lib that are subject to
                 other licenses:
                 The parseAFM-package is copyrighted by Adobe Systems
                 The type1 rasterizer is copyrighted by IBM and the
  ----- Warranties:  Of course, there's NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND :-)
  ----- Credits:     I want to thank IBM and the X11-consortium for making
                     their rasterizer freely available.
                 Also thanks to Piet Tutelaers for his ps2pk, from
                 which I took the rasterizer sources in a format
                 independent from X11.
                     Thanks to all people who make free software living!
#ifdef T1AFMTOOL_C

FontInfo *T1_GenerateAFMFallbackInfo( int FontID);
int      T1_WriteAFMFallbackFile( int FontID);
extern struct region *fontfcnB_ByName( int FontID, int modflag,
                               struct XYspace *S,
                               char *charname,
                               int *mode, psfont *Font_Ptr,
                               int do_raster);


extern FontInfo *T1_GenerateAFMFallbackInfo( int FontID);
extern int      T1_WriteAFMFallbackFile( int FontID);


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